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Toronto – Capital of Art Country

Let’s get local and explore the art life and places to admire in right in the heart of Canada – big gorgeous Toronto. Why I love Toronto is because it combines old and new in a beautiful way. Same with art life – it’s very versatile. Toronto offers many places to enjoy Arts and majority […]

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The Best Place for Art Lovers

In one of my recent posts I was talking about my favorite top 5 Art Centers of Ontario, Canada. But now I want to discuss one of them in greater detail as it is the biggest one and definitely my favorite. I think it deserves special attention due to how massive it is and how […]

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Top 5 Art Galleries in Toronto and Nearby Towns

Art galleries are my passion. Strolling through the long corridors with expression of artist’s emotions and perception on the walls makes me feel great and teaches a lot. By the way, it is a proven fact that aesthetically beautiful things make you happier so visiting an Art Centre is beneficial from any point of view. […]

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