Osprey Arts Centre: Osprey Theatre and the Coastline Gallery

This was the Osprey Arts Centre's website for a number of years.
Content is from the site's 2013 archived pages.
The current website for the Osprey Arts Centre is found at www.ospreyartscentre.ca/.



The Osprey Arts Centre houses the Osprey Theatre and the Coastline Gallery. Open year round, the Osprey exhibits visual art and presents popular and classical music, live theatre, summer arts camps for kids and a literary festival and book launches. The Osprey also hosts events across Shelburne County in schools and other venues and rents its space to community groups and private concerns for public and private functions such as weddings, meetings, conferences and lectures. The Osprey Arts Centre Association is run by a volunteer Board of Directors and three part-time staff.

Office Hours:

September-Mid December: Tuesdays & Thursdays 10 am – 4:30 pm
Mid December-February: office closed (call or email to order tickets)
March-May: Tuesdays & Thursdays 10 am – 4:30 pm
June-August: Monday to Friday, 10 -4:30

Artistic Director, Alex Buchanan & Manager, Darcy Rhyno

Mission Statement:
To manage the Osprey Arts Centre as a fiscally sound theatre dedicated to excellence in the arts, and to make it a true community performing arts centre available to and providing programs of artistic merit for everyone in Shelburne County.

Vision Statement:
The Osprey Arts Centre vision sees a community where all members, youth, adult and senior, and culturally diverse, have access to high quality performing arts events, both amateur and professional. To be a place where people turn for training in the arts and to be available to all members of the community as a place to perform. The Osprey Arts Centre aims to be a true community arts crossroad so that the people of Shelburne County recognize the value of and appreciate the presence of the performing arts in their community.

The members of the Osprey Arts Centre Association (OACA), and in particular, the board of directors are guided in making decisions by the following values.
1. The OACA values artistic experimentation, excellence in art, and creativity.
2. The OACA values good financial management based on balanced budgets, clear record keeping and financial reporting, and responsible management of resources.
3. The OACA is responsible to its community and values sharing with other community organizations for the cultural development of Shelburne County.
4. The OACA respects people and is committed to creating safe working environments. As an employer, OACA values cultural diversity, dedication to its values, motivation to continue to grow and develop its objectives, and fairmindedness in its dealings with each other and the public which it serves.

Upcoming Events

Our Next Live Event in 2013:

Saturday, September 14, 8 pm – “The 32nd Asbury Short Film Concert”

Bob Vacon will open this New York festival of short films with a short set of his signature blues music. Then its on to a selection of the world’s best short films featuring Oscar winners, US festival “Best of Show” honourees and international favourites. Put together by our friends from New York, Doug LeClaire and Marta and Rob Stork.


Tickets: $17 adult, $7 student.
NEW PRICE !     just $12 adult
All ticket service fees are included in price.

The evening includes a “Special Presentation” of  “WHEN THE DAY BREAKS” (10 mins) Winner of the Palm d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, Nominated for Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, the two highest honours in film. This short animation was created by Canadian animation legends Wendy Tilbis and Amanda Forbis of Alberta.  They are world renowned animators and this film is one of their huge successes. 

Also featuring:
“ASAD”  2013 Oscar Nominee for Best Live Action Short Film and winner of Best of Show at The Tribeca Film Festival in NY;  The Los Angeles Film Festival and The New Orleans Film Festival.
“TIME FREAK,” 2012 Oscar Nominee for Best Live Action Short Film 
“WEST BANK STORY” 2006 Oscar Winner for Best Live Action Short Film.
“CATCAM” – 2012 Winner of Best Short Documentary at South by Soutwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas- probably the 2nd most popular film /music event next to Sundance in the US.
Plus many more ! 

June-August: Monday to Friday, 10 - 4:30
September-Mid December: Tuesdays & Thursdays 10 am - 4:30 pm
Mid December-February: office closed (call or email to order tickets)
March-May: Tuesdays & Thursdays 10 am - 4:30 pm

How to Buy Tickets

The Osprey has moved to a new, improved ticketing system. Ticketpro is a ticketing system that makes it possible to buy tickets at the Osprey during our business hours, as well as on the night of events.

But there’s more. By joining Ticketpro, you have even more options for buying tickets. You will soon be able to buy tickets on line at our website. Right now, you can buy tickets at the Ticketpro website. AND you can buy tickets at all Ticketpro outlets in Atlantic Canada. One of those outlets is the TLC Pharmacy in Shelburne. A number of other pharmacies in Nova Scotia are also Ticketpro outlets. You can now buy tickets for Osprey events at Reynold’s Pharmacy in Liverpool, City Drug Store in Yarmouth, the Bridgewater Pharmasave and many more.


Fri & Sat Nov 29-30, 8 pm – Basement Theatre Christmas Variety Show

Basement Theatre gets into the usual mischief, this year with skits and music, some of it seasonal, some of it just plain funny. Set the dates aside for some great entertainment that’ll give you a break from the pressures of the season. Discounts available for groups.


$15 adult
$7 student

Anonymous Art Show – exhibition opens Nov. 29, 7pm

image: anonymous-art-show.jpg

Anyone can take part in our Anonymous Art Show.

The Osprey is calling on all artists and would-be artists to take part in a fun art project and have their work displayed in the Osprey’s gallery.

Organizers for The Anonymous Art Show at the Osprey are shooting for 100 paintings by budding, as well as established artists and just anyone who’d like to give it a try.

Here’s how it works. For the $10 entry fee, the Osprey will supply two six-inch square canvases to each artist. All the canvases are the same size. The canvases can be purchased at the Osprey, Tuesday & Thursdays, 10 am to 4:30 pm (otherwise by appointment – just contact us and we’ll arrange it).

The artist will buy as many pairs of canvases as they’d like, create paintings in oils, acrylic or mixed media, and return them to the Osprey on Tuesday, November 26. Some painters might want to put canvases together to create diptychs or triptychs.

Painters can sign their work, but only on the back. The works will be exhibited together and in no particular order. In other words, all the works are presented to the public anonymously.

The exhibition of these works of art will open on Friday, November 29 at 7 pm just before the Basement Theatre Christmas show. All the works will go on sale at that time. Every painting will sell for the same price of $25.

This event is a fundraiser for the Osprey. The artist will receive $10 for each painting sold. All unsold works will be returned to the artists.

The Anonymous Art Show will be open from November 29 to December 13. The Osprey is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 am to 4:30 pm. To register for The Anonymous Art Show and pick up canvases, call the Osprey at 875-2359 or email ospreyartscentre@eastlink.ca.


Sunday December 8, 3pm – Trinity United Church Carol Sing

It’s time again for the annual Foodbank Fundraiser hosted by the Trinity United Church of Shelburne. The Osprey will host this warm holiday event with performances, readings and of course lots of opportunity to sing along to seasonal favourites.

Admission: Food Bank Donation


The Disappeared, a Nova Scotia made movie – Dec 12, 8 pm

This Nova Scotia made movie takes place in a pair of dories lost at sea. The beauty and the brutality of the ocean accompany them. As comrades they journey through emotional turmoil of fear, anger, laughter and eventually, insight and transcendence. In their struggle to survive they come to realize it is not only the ocean they must conquer, it is themselves that they need to come to terms with. Award winning writer and filmmaker Shandi Mitchell has created with this film a poignant tribute to the lives of fishermen.





You know the Osprey presents a wide range of quality music, theatre, art, dance and literature all year round…but did you know we’re also the host of numerous private events too? The Osprey might be just what you’re looking for.

Rent the Osprey for your banquet, wedding, retirement party, family reunion, private dance, staff parties, community announcement, birthday party, fundraiser or just about anything else you can imagine. We offer decorations, special lighting, a professional sound system, projection equipment, tables, table clothes, dishes and cutlery, the use of a kitchen and a fully stocked bar. While our theatre is available for up to 120 people, we also rent our lobby for up to 50.

And now we offer, MOVIE BIRTHDAY RENTALS. For a parties with 10 kids or more, we’ll show a movie and supply a popcorn, candybar and drink to each child. Contact us for details.


Board of Directors:
Chair – Mark Riley
Vice-Chair – Emily Tipton
Treasurer – Tanya Strate
Secretary – Celia Melanson


Board Members:

Mike McGill
Belinda Robinson
Andrew Blades
Mike Elliott
Tammy Fairn
Elizabeth Kingsland
Christine von Maydell

Artistic Director - Alex Buchanan
General Manager – Darcy Rhyno
Bookkeeper - Troy Scott

Monthly meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month.